Grow it Kinky

The Grow it Kinky Healthy Hair Bundle - Healthy Hair in 30 Days!


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Sharon Green

Had locs for 9 years, was ready for a change and searched the internet on how to take care of my hair without cutting it off. Came across this book, was curious so I purchased. This is one of one my better purchases regarding natural hair. Easy read, great tips, priced reasonable and good advice for managing your "kinky" hair. Glad I learned about this before I did something I might regret later. Good job Ariane!!!

Janey Perry

This book is absolutely wonderful. It is loaded with any and everything one needs to know about growing hair, keeping the hair you have, and hair tips in general. It's an easy read and so well written. I refer to it often for any information I may need to grow my hair the way I want it. It's a wonderful product at a great price.



After dealing with loads of hair drama author, Ariane Roberts decided enough was enough. She was tired of hiding behind wigs and weaves so she made the choice to do a big chop and start fresh. After three years of successfully growing her kinky textured 4C hair type she wrote Grow it Kinky to provide guidance for kinky textured naturals. The structure of coily (4B and 4C hair types makes it easily prone to damage when not properly cared for. The problem is many women of color do not know what proper care is!Grow it Kinky is here to help. Using scientific resources, peer reviewed journals, and personal experience this eBook will help you reach your hair goals.

Ariane's pressed natural hair before and after.